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Together with Princep's UF we have written two children's books about Plucky Girls. It really feels fun to be able to offer two childrens books about Plucky Girls with the same focus as their first book, together with four young enterprising girls. Since we want to strengthen girls' self-confidence from an early age with our children's clothing, we believe that these books will be a good complement to our clothing collections. The book is written in Swedish and translated into two languages, Danish and Finnish. You can buy our Danish book here, and our Finnish book here.

Anna Tilly, Julia Andreasson, Klara Nylén and Lea Koerner are four girls who recently graduated from high school. Within the framework of Young Enterprise, they chose to start Princeps UF and write their first children's book, "The Story of Ingrid". The book is about Princess Ingrid who becomes a strong leader. Their vision is to strengthen young girls' self-confidence at an early age and broaden the image of girls and boys for what a leader can be like, a book they themselves wanted when they were young. Princeps means leaders in Latin.