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We are a Swedish children's clothing brand with the base in Stockholm and we address children aged one to eight years. Plucky Girls was an idea that was born when I got a daughter myself. I thought the range of children's clothing varied greatly between the girl and boy department.

In the boy department I experienced a large selection of cool and tough clothes with strong expressions like "I´m the boss", "I´m cool", “I`m brave”, “Future leader” etc. Often together with figures who skateboard, parachute jump and do other challenging activities.

We decided to make tough, cool, fun and comfortable clothes with focus on girl power, although many of our garments can be used by both boys and girls. We knew that we wanted to produce within the EU, that we only wanted to work with organic cotton and that our clothes would be sustainable. We have also created three different characters, all of which have different reinforcing characteristics. Plucky which means brave became Plucky Awesome, Rebel and Crazy. After 18 years in retail, I felt ready for another exciting project and Plucky Girls clothing company were born.

Stina Björkbom / co-founder and co-owner of Plucky Girls